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I can only review this restaurant based on the food that I order. I order the same items each time because I really like them and don't see any reason to change. We get the soup dumplings, the fried pancakes, fried rice (different combinations), sometimes the egg drop soup with dumplings, and sometimes the chili dumplings. Everything is really good, which is why we order from there so often.


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I really like this place because they have a lot of veggie options and the sauces are tasty. Feels like I am eating healthy! lol. I really like the General Tso's tofu especially when they make it extra saucy for me. Also the brown rice is good and the garlic broccoli is my favorite.


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Ordered from here several times. Loved every spicy Sichuan dish from Tofu. The fish with Napa cabbage, ants up a tree and mapo tofu are outstanding. Always deliver on time or a little early and the portions are generous. My go to spot when I want spicy Sichuan.


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Very authentic. It was really good, especially the Twice-cooked Pork, but think the chongqing chicken laziji would taste better in-house. Only bad thing was the Sichuan cold noodles. I thought it would be liangfen but it wasn't. And was spicy albeit bland


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It was my first order since I came to New York. It was great, everything goes the same when I was back in Philly. It didn't take longer. The quality of food is great. The staff of the restaurant is nice and proud of their products. I will order again.

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Authentic Szechuan Tofu of 5th Avenue Reviews on Seamless


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The name is very accurate. This food is delicious and tastes like real Chinese food instead of the sugary nonsense you normally find. I had the mapo dofu and dumplings in chili sauce (second time ordering) and my girlfriend had the general tso's. The mapo dofu is incredibly delicious, I ordered it at heat level 8 the first time but upped it to 10 the second. It has complexity in terms of the multiple types of spiciness - numbing and hot as well as the complexity of the ingredients. The dumplings were fantastic both times. Ordered them spicy as well and they had delicious thin wrappers, not the gross thick ones most restaurants have. I also had their scallion pancakes which came with a truly delightful dipping sauce. General tso's isn't exactly "authentic" but they cooked it much like the spicy chicken dishes I've had in China. It didn't have all the nasty breading and awful orange sauce but was real braised chicken pieces in a delightful spice coating with broccoli and fried chili peppers. My fiancee loved it and so did I. This food came so quickly, everything was still steaming when it arrived, including the rice. This is the only Chinese food place in our neighborhood we will be ordering from.


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I've lived in this neighborhood for almost 15 years (NYC for almost 25) and I've tried a majority of the Chinese restaurants around here, so I'm basically an expert hahaha... and this place is by far, the best. Everything tastes good and seems fresh. It actually DOES seem authentic. My whole family likes this place which is rare. Oh and the delivery person sometimes pulls up in an Audi, which is also rare.


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Have to say, best Szechuan I've had in BK. I was reluctant at first due to very eclectic Asian menu (anytime I see a mix of Japanese, Chinese, American Asian I typically steer clear), but this is definitely worth a try! I'd really been missing my old NYC Szechuan spots, but am so glad to have a very good Brooklyn option! Fast, cheap, friendly, authentic. Will be ordering again soon!


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We live nowhere close to the restaurant's delivery zone but always make a point to order here for pickup when we're nearby. The Szechuan dishes are always a good bet. Our favorites are their mapo tofu, crispy spare ribs with chili and cumin and smoked bacon with lotus root. The portions are large--we get 2-3 meals out of it, and the waitstaff is so nice.


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By far the best service Ive received on seamless. I requested my order to arrive 20 minutes earlier than estimated as I needed to leave for work, they called to confirm my order and to let me know that I would be priority. No joke, it arrive fresh, hot and in 20 minutes, tasted amazing so overall I think they well deserve this review. Thank you

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